Saturday, January 26, 2013

Argo (2012)

[an intense hostage thriller]

Argo (2012)
IMDB- 8.1 (Top 250- #213)
Rottentomatoes- 96%
RJG Rating- 90

6 American Embassy workers are hunted during the Iranian revolution.

Starring- Ben Affleck ,Bryan Cranston
Director- Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck once again directs and plays the lead after 2010's The Town.From start to end ,he plays an excellent role and gives the movie a strong character.The supporting actors playing the hostages were all okay.Although they are the lead subjects ,its hard not to end up hating a couple of them.Its a bit one dimensional characters.John Goodman & Alan Arkin on the other hand give a great supporting roles ,but there roles are too short.Bryan Cranston did a good job and also had enough screen time as well.

The story is based on the "Canadian Caper" ,a true incident which took place during the Iranian Revolution.Although much is changed to give dramatic effect ,the story is tight and plays out really well.Even though the climax is sort of cliched ,Ben's direction gets the movie across.

Ben Affleck once again has made an excellent movie.Although it has its moments of comedy ,its mostly a very intense movie.The pacing is mixed in the first half with drama suddenly giving way for a comparatively slow and relaxed period with ,but the second half spikes up the intensity all the way to the end.Affleck directs a somewhat cliched story into an engrossing watch.With Argo ,he has proved hes a great director.

Overall ,Argo is a must watch.Although its not historically accurate ,its an interesting watch to understand the situations during the Iranian revolution period.

Acting- 3.5/5
Story- 4/5
Direction -4.5/5
Thriller- 5/5
Drama- 4/5

Oscar Nominations- 7

Best Picture
Best Supporting Actor- Alan Arkin
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Editing
Best Sound Mixing
Best Original Score- Alexandre Desplat
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