Friday, December 21, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

[a sweet and charming tale about young love]

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)
IMDB- 8.0
Rottentomatoes- 94%
RJG Ratings- 100

Sam & Suzy run away from their homes ,causing their caretakers to make a search party.

Starring- Jared Gilman,Kara Hayward,Bruce Willis ,Edward Norton
Director- Wes Anderson

The cast for Moonrise Kingdom is solid.The leads are played by Jared Gilman & Kara Hayward who play Sam & Suzy.Both do a wonderful job and give their characters the unique style often seen in Wes Anderson movies.The supporting cast includes all A listers ,such as Bruce Willis ,Edward Norton ,Bill Murray and Frances McDormand ,and they all do excellently.Bruce W & Edward N were just great.

The story is excellent.Its short but it holds a much deeper & meaningful tale.The subtle humour and Anderson's usual themes are ever present.The story doesnt rush off ,but slowly reveals its layers.Although the concept of young love ,has been tried plenty of times ,i think Wes Anderson's story is the one that really stands out from the rest.

Direction from Wes Anderson is brilliant.He brings to Moonrise Kingdom his trademark themes and visual styles that we end up loving.His presentation is wonderful and the simplicity of the entire movie ,is a heart warming experience.He once again brings the best out of his cast.The movie has a wacky setting but its all done in good taste.

Overall ,Moonrise Kingdom is a sweet romantic movie.A must watch if you are a Wes Anderson fan.

Acting- 5/5
Story- 5/5
Direction- 5/5
Romance- 5/5
Comedy- 4.5/5
Drama- 4.5/5
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