Sunday, December 09, 2012

Men In Black 3 (2012)

[another weak movie for MIB series]

Men In Black 3 (2012)
IMDB- 7.0
RottenTomatoes- 69%
RJG Rating- 30

Agent J travels to the past to save his partner from a time travelling criminal.

Starring- Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones ,Josh Brolin
Director- Barry Sonnenfeld

Will Smith & Tommy Lee return to the franchise after 10 years.As for Will Smith this is his first movie after 4 years.
Although its great to see the pair back again ,both look too tired and dull throughout this movie.Will Smith puts up an energetic performance but hes lost his touch and he drags himself through the movie.Tommy LJ is a complete wash out here, and somehow manages to mumble his lines.Fortunately he isnt there throughout the movie.Josh Brolin plays the younger version of Tommy ,Agent K.Hes the highlight of the movie and does a good job.If MIB plans to continue ,Josh Brolin better be there.

The story of MIB3 is average.Unlike the last 2 movies ,it doesnt explore much into the alien world.The movie enters the nonsensical area towards the end.But it does have an excellent climax involving the younger Agent K.

Direction by Barry was average.The pacing was average.While the original MIB had a thriller aspect ,this one doesnt.It just rambles on till the end

Overall ,MIB3 is a disappointment for fans of both the series as well as of Will Smith.

Acting- 2.5/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 2/5
Action- 3/5
Comedy- 2/5
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