Monday, December 17, 2012

Hobbit strikes Gold!

[Dec 14-16]
Hobbit strikes Gold!

1-The prequel to the epic Lord of The Rings Trilogy ,The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey ,made $84million ,which is a record debut for December.Although this is great ,it was slightly below expectations.Being the much anticipated plus being mainly a 3D movie ,it was expected to make over $100million.But the movie is strong and has already made $138million overseas ,bringing its worldwide collection to $223million!
Unfortunately,Hobbit did not manage to get universal praise like the LOTR trilogy.Many were unhappy about its length (2.45hr) ,and the 48fps failed to make the experience any better.The movie is rated 65%
My review-

2-Rise of The Guardians managed to make a stand ,and earn $7.4million.Although the movie had a disappointing debut ,its staying around to recollect its losses.The animated movie has made a worldwide gross of $190million so far.

3-Lincoln is turning out to be a grand hit.The historical drama made $7.2million to bring its total gross to $107million.Lincoln has not yet been released worldwide ,but its a guarantee to be a big hit after getting multiple nominations in major Award ceremonies for 2012.

4-Skyfall made $7million in its 6th week.The movie is the highest grossing movie of the entire James Bond.The movie has grosses $951million worldwide and is slowly nearing the 1billion milestone.Its currently #18 on the worldwide list.

5-Life of Pi came 5th for the 4th time.It made $5.4million bringing its domestic total to $69.5million.The movie's strong point is on its foreign collection.It has made $128 million overseas so far.

This week 2 movies will compete against the Hobbit for the top spot.Seth Rogen's comedy The Guilt Trip and Pixar's Monsters Inc 3D.This is Pixar's 4th re-release of its classics (previous ones being Toy Story 1&2 and Finding Nemo).
My pick of the week will be Guilt Trip.Im a fan of Seth Rogen and wont mind watching his latest flick.
I love Monsters Inc too and have watched it plenty of times ,but i would like to watch a new movie.Monsters Inc is recommended for the family audience.
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