Monday, December 24, 2012

Hobbit falls, but remains on top

[Dec 21-23]
Hobbit falls, but remains on top

1-The Hobbit fought of 5 new releases on its second week to remain on the top spot.But the movie had a sharp fall and made only $36.7million (57% drop).So far the LOTR prequel has made $149.8million domestically and it looks like the movie wont break any of the Lord of The Rings collections (the lowest of which is Fellowship's $313million domestic and $869million worldwide).
The Hobbit is going strong overseas too ,but its decline is noticeable.The movie made another $91million overseas to bring its overseas total to $284million.Hobbit has made a worldwide total of $433million so far.With movies like Les Miserables & Django coming up ,Hobbit's collection will fall even further in the coming weeks.

2-Tom Cruise's new movie Jack Reacher made a disappointing $15.6million.Jack Reacher is an adaptation of Lee Child's 2005 novel One Shot.The action movie has been getting above average reviews and is currently rated at 63%. Jack Reacher is expected to linger in The Top 10 as long as possible to atleast cover its budget of $60million.

3-The second new movie was Judd Apatow's This is 40 with a disappointing debut of $12million.This is 40 is a spin off Knocked Up.The comedy movie has been getting average reviews and is currently rated at 50%.The movie has a small budget of $35million ,and so its expected to recover through the Christmas season.but for a Judd Apatow movie its disappointing ,although its better than his previous movie ,Funny People.

4-Rise of the Guardians managed to hold on to the Top 5 for its 5th week earning $5.9million.So far the animated movie has made $222million.

5-At 5th place ,Lincoln continued its surprising run by making $5.6million.Even after 6 weeks ,the biopic has exceeded expectations by staying within the Top 5.So far the movie has made $116million in the domestic market.The movie is yet to release worldwide.

The 3rd new release was Guilt Trip.The movie starring Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand flopped.Debuting at #6 ,the movie managed to make just $5.4million in the weekend.The movie which is about a mother & son, has been getting negative reviews and is currently at 37%.Although critics liked the actors ,the story was the main culprit.Made at a budget of $40million,Guilt Trip will be crushed by the upcoming releases.

The 4th new release ,isnt exactly new.Mosters Inc. was re-released after 10 years ,this time in 3D.Though the movie is a classic ,it failed to garner interest this time.The movie made just $5million and turned out to be the worst debut for a Disney 3D re-release.They should have learnt their lesson with the backlash they received when Finding Nemo 3D crashed.Monsters Inc 3D is nothing but a cash grab ,and theres nothing special in the 3D version.

The 5th new release , Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away opened at #11 earning just $2.1million.The movie which is a 3D concert movie ,opened to limited audiences.The movie has got mixed reviews and is currently rated at 56%.

Even though Skyfall & Life of Pi were pushed out of the top 5, both are making strong collections worldwide.Skyfall made $4.7million domestically and $9million overseas to bring its worldwide total to $974million.Skyfall is bound to hit the $1billion milestone once it opens in China in January.
Life of Pi made $23.2million worldwide to push its total to $235million.

This week we have 2 BIG releases! Tom Hooper's emotional drama ,Les Miserables & Quentin Tarantino's Western action movie, Django Unchained.
Both are strong movies and have A list actors boosting the movie with great performances ,but my pick of the week is....

Django Unchained
Im not a die hard fan of Quentin ,but his movies are always packed with fun and bloody action sequences.With Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) ,Jamie Foxx (Ray) and Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception) ,the acting department has been widely praised with Leonardo stealing much of the praise.And on Christmas Week ,i would prefer some action drama than emotional drama.Django is currently rated a solid 91%.

Les Miserables
Tom Hooper's next after the motivational The King's Speech ,is Les Miserables which is based on the French historical novel of the same name by Victor Hugo.The movie is a musical and stars Hugh Jackman (X-Men) ,Russell Crowe (Gladiator) ,Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises).Anne has been praised for her performance in this movie and is currently the front runner for Best Actress awards of 2013.The movie is currently rated at 71%

But who will come on top, Django or Miserables ? Or will the Hobbit come on top? Wait and watch
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