Monday, December 31, 2012

Hobbit beats out Les & Django

[Dec 28-30]
Hobbit beats out Les & Django

1-In a very tight week ,Hobbit did quite a feat by defeating 2 anticipated movies to claim the box office crown for the 3rd week in a row.Hobbit made a strong $33million on its 3rd week.This puts Hobbits Domestic total to $222million.Hobbit is doing great in overseas making $464million.This makes its worldwide total to $686million.The Hobbit will go strong for the next 2 weeks also.

2-Django came second with $30million.The R rated action flick directed by Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds) ,has already collected $64million in its 6 day release.The movie has been getting great reviews and critics have praised Quentin for his direction.The movie is currently rated at 89%.

3-Although it opened well ,Les Miserables couldnt keep the crowds attention during the weekend.It made $28million over the weekend and $67million in its 6days.Tom Hooper's (Kings Speech) musical drama ,boasts of excellent performances from Huge Jackman & Anne Hathaway.Even though the movie has got great reviews ,it couldnt match upto the towering expectations.Its currently rated at 72%.

4-Parental Guidance opened 4th making $14.8million in the weekend.The family comedy which stars veteran comedian ,Billy Crystal ,was a top choice for the family (Django was R Rated while Les Miserables was mostly depressing).But the movie has got poor reviews ,calling the movie predictable and a one time watch.But it turns out to be a good choice for families with younger kids.The movie has a rotten rating of 17%.

5-Jack Reacher only suffered a small fall (10%drop) ,as it made $14million on its 2nd week.The movie has made a worldwide total of $67million ,but is still below the standards for a Tom Cruise action movie.

Meanwhile Lincoln is still doing great domestically and has made $132million so far ,which is Steven Spielberg's highest grossing domestic movie since 2008's Indiana Jones 4.

Life of Pi has made a worldwide total of $303million ,and has become Ang Lee's highest grossing movie.

And finally ,after almost 7 weeks ,Skyfall became the first James Bond movie to enter the Billion Dollar club! The movie made $289million domestically & $710million overseas to become the 14th member & 3rd 2012 movie to make a Billion Dollars ($1000,000,000).Skyfall is yet to open in China ,and is expected to make it into the Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies of All Time.

This week we have 3 new releases ,Texas Chainsaw 3D,The Impossible & Promised Land.I dont think these 3 can break into the Top Spot ,as Django or Les will do it.My pick of the Week will be ---

The Impossible-This is a true story about the tragic incident that took place on Dec 26th 2004 -The Indian Ocean Tsunami.The movie has been critically praised for its acting and direction,and is currently rated at 79%.Even though its a bit gloomy ,this will be my Pick Of the Week

The Promised Land stars Matt Damon and is about 2 salespeople who are sent to a rural town to close a deal.This is a drama movie directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk).The movie has been getting below average reviews ,saying its a good start but then ends up predictable and cliched.Its currently rated at 49%.

Texas Chainsaw 3D is about a masked serial killer who kills a bunch of teenagers.No reviews are there currently but it looks like usual slash and kill type movie.Its expected to be rotten and if you want to watch a silly horror movie ,this might be the one for you.
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