Saturday, November 03, 2012

V for Vendetta (2006)

[a brilliant and thought provoking movie]

V for Vendetta (2006)
IMDB- 8.8 (Top 250 - #166)
Rottentomatoes- 73%
RJG Rating- 100

A terrorist by the name of V,threatens to bring down the dictatorship rule of Britain.

Starring- Hugo Weaving,Natalie Portman
Director- James McTeigue

Adapted from Alan Moore's graphic novel ,V for Vendetta was directed James McTeigue and written for the big screen by the Wachowski Bros. (Matrix Trilogy).

The main character of the movie is V ,but being a masked character from the start to the end ,its hard to judge Hugo Weaving's acting.But Hugo's dialogue presentation is top notch.He ranges his voice perfectly from light hearted to terrifying.But this doesnt mean the movie falls back on its acting department.With the main lead under a mask,Natalie Portman as Evey is a strong acting role.Natalie is just superb in the role and she delivers one of her best acting performances of her career.The supporting cast doesnt disappoint either,all give very good performances.

V for Vendetta can be easily mistaken for an all out action movie on the outside but its clearly much more that.The story of VFV is a strong pillar on which it stands.The various ideologies presented by the lead characters , the stories of various individuals , and ofcourse V's grand plan are all blended in a manner that wont confuse or bore the audience.
The dialogues also are a very important factor for the movie.The hard hitting dialogues from V will definitely send a chill up your spine.

Direction by debutant, James McTeigue ,is excellent.The pacing of the movie is perfect and he nicely blends the action scenes with the drama ones making the movie a satisfying feature for all.Every scene of VFV has a particular message to convey and all hit the bulls eye.James had previously worked on the Matrix Trilogy, and considering the Wachowski's have written the screenplay ,theres the particular tone that is similar with The Matrix.

The action scenes from VFV is just excellent.The climax fighting sequence is just jaw dropping!The special effects have been used moderately and not been overdone.

On release VFV ,was a moderate success.Alan Moore ,the writer distanced himself from the movie as he did for other movie adaptations of his comics (From Hell,League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ,and later on Watchmen).But the movie over time achieved cult status and made the Guy Fawkes mask (the one V wears) infamous for issues that related to peoples freedom of speech etc.

Overall ,V for Vendetta is a great movie ,a must watch.

Acting - 5/5
Story- 5/5
Direction- 5/5
Drama- 4.5/5
Action- 5/5
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