Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Ralph & Flight make great debuts.Skyfall thunders.

1-Wreck It Ralph made a great debut onto #1 with $49million.The animated movie has been a big hit among critics as well as the masses.The movie is currently rated at 85%.The movie is about old video game characters which will not only keep the kids engaged ,but the adults will enjoy reliving their childhood heroes.

2-Robert Zemeckis' Flight made a decent collection of $25million.The movie which stars Denzel Washington ,has been praised for its excellent character portrayal ,with rumors of a possible Best Actor nomination at the Oscars.The movie is rated at 77% and is a great return for Zemeckis whose previous live action movie was Castaway (2000).

3-Ben Affleck's Argo once again enjoyed a good weekend falling by just 15%.The movie made $10.2million in its 4th week.The crime/drama has already made $90million worldwide.

4-Opening at 4th place ,The Man with the Iron Fists made only $7.9million.While this isnt such a good total,the movie is expected to do well overseas.The low budget flick made at $15million was met with below average reviews and is rated at 55%.

5-Taken 2 made $5.9million to return to the Top 5.The action thriller has made $336million worldwide.

It might seem Ralph is ruling the boxoffice ,but James Bond's 23rd movie Skyfall is creating quite a storm overseas.The movie made another $156million in its second week.Skyfall has already made $287million and is yet to open in the USA.
This week Skyfall will premiere in the US Boxoffice,and is RJG's pick of the week.
The movie has been universally praised and is said to be the Best James Bond movie of all time.The movie is rated at 92%.
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