Saturday, November 24, 2012


Modern Family [4x03] Snip - 5.7
RJG Rating- 8.5

Phil plans to have a vasectomy done.

Modern Family starts to get into the groove as it releases yet another great episode.The whole cast have done a wonderful job.All 3 plots were nicely presented and all of them shared equal time.

How I Met your Mother [8x03] Nannies 7.6
RJG Rating- 5

Marshall & Lilly searches for a good Nanny .
Another poor episode from HIMYM.The gags are getting old and Barney is getting repetitive.The current storyline has none of the fun that previous seasons had.Its monotonous and dull.

Two & a Half Men [10x04] You Know What the Lollipop is For - 8.2
RJG Rating- 10

Walden's friends daughter comes over to stayover at the beach house.
After a very long time ,two and a half men churns out an excellent episode.Even though it reminded me of an episode from the first couple seasons of the show ,it was a welcome change from the dull episodes the last couple of seasons have been producing.Miley Cyrus' guest appearance was perfect.

Ghost Adventures [7x02] Excalibur Nightclub - [unavailable]
RJG Rating- 6

GA crew a double lockdown on Excalibur Nightclub & the Bachelor's Grove cemetery.
It always is going to be quite inadequate if you are doing a double lockdown.But fortunately its being done on two different nights ,giving both locations a good investigation.But only the cemetery proved to be interesting ,with some strange light movements and a couple of EVPs.As for the club ,it had totally no activity.

Person Of Interest [2x02] Bad Code 8.6
RJG Rating- 10

Reese & Carter investigate a missing person case ,that could lead them to Finch.
Another amazing episode from POI.This one was excellent from start to finish.Acting from the cast was brilliant as usual.But Amy Acker as Root was the highlight.

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