Friday, November 30, 2012

Movies Considered for Best Visuals Oscar

The 10 movies that are being considered are:
The Dark Knight Rises
The Avengers
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
The Amazing Spider-Man
Cloud Atlas
John Carter
Life Of Pi
Snow White and the Huntsman

The members of the Academy will view 10min excerpts from each movie.5 nominees will be selected and they will be announced on Jan10.
The winners will be announced on Oscar night -Feb 24

This years nominees is the tightest competition in recent memory.My Picks are:

TDKR ,Hobbit ,Life Of Pi, Avengers ,Prometheus

Hobbit is guaranteed to make it to the Top 5.The visual effects utilised in the movie is top class and WETA (the vfx company) has previously won 5 Oscars.3 back to back awards for the LOTR trilogy ,and for King Kong and Avatar.

TDKR is another strong contender.Nolan might not use much of CGI ,but he definitely knows how to use them appropriately to maximize its quality.And being one of the major hits of 2012 & the end of TDK trilogy ,TDKR has good chances to make a good impact on the technical nominations.

Avengers is another guaranteed nominee.The movie was filled with visual effects from start to finish ,but they might have just overdone it.

Life Of Pi could make it on a 30%chance.The movie has been critically lauded but it might not win any major awards due to the tight competition.So theres a good chance ,the Academy will hand out a nomination for the visual effects to Pi.

Prometheus,Spider-Man,Cloud Atlas,John Carter tie for the final place.But Prometheus will be my final pick .The entire alien world was brilliantly created and the visuals were just beautiful in it.I loved the visuals of Spiderman ,Atlas & Carter as well ,but as i said ,its a Very tight competition.

What are your picks?
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