Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)

[a grand disappointment]

Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012)
IMDB- 8.4
RJG Rating- 55

Akira,an upcoming reporter meets Samar ,a fearless soldier ,whose past she uncovers.

Starring- Shahrukh Khan ,Katrina Kaif ,Anushka Sharma
Director- Yash Chopra

In the first half we have SRK who plays a muscian/waiter ,a happy go lucky character.SRK is charming and plays the role very well.In the second half ,we get to see SRK in a more matured role ,a soldier in a bomb disposal squad.Once again he plays the role with utter ease.Katrina Kaif ,who plays Meera ,the daughter of a rich stockbroker.Katrina and SRK share a great chemistry and gets the first half going in a series of songs and romantic scenes.The real fire cracker of the movie was Anushka Sharma.Though both SRK and Katrina fail to deliver in the 3rd half of the movie (yes,3rd half,this movie is pretty long) ,Anushka maintains consistency and gives a solid performance throughout the duration of her role.SRK & Katrina's acting completely unravels in the proceedings of the 3rd half due to the bad screenplay.

The story for JTHJ was not only unnecessarily long but offers nothing new either.Although it tries to stay free of the usual cliches ,all the efforts crash land in the 3rd half.One of the drawbacks is, who Adithya Chopra (the writer) implies the villain of the movie is.Although im not revealing who it is ,its a baffling thought and a quite stupid idea.
The point where i lost all hope,was in the 3rd half where a twist changes the entire course of the movie.This is conveniently reversed half an hour later ,making you wonder why such a twist was even necessary.

Direction by Yash Chopra is average.I have seen him handle a far more complex story ,much more beautifully before.While he captures the beauty of all the exotic locations and brings romance back in grand fashion ,its no doubt that he messed up towards the end.He could have made JTHJ a fantastic romantic movie ,but by falling for the old hindi movie cliches ,he makes his last effort an average flick.The dialogues were not as great and sometimes it gets irritating.

The song overload in the first half was also a bit tiring.Ishq Shaava (Instrumental)+Ishq Shaava(song)+Heer+Saans, play in the gap of just 30min .But on the plus side ,none of the songs seem forced and are placed appropriately based on the story.The music video for all ,were fabulous.The music for JTHJ is above average.Rahman's music might not stand out ,but Gulzar's excellent lyrics make the songs very memorable.

Overall ,JTHJ is a failure ,because of its weak storyline and lack of thought process behind the film.Watch it once if you are a fan of either SRK-Yash-Anu-Kat.But dont expect anything great.

Acting - 3/5
Story- 2/5
Direction- 2.5/5
Romance- 3/5
Drama- 2.5/5
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