Thursday, November 29, 2012

How I Met your Mother S8 E5-E8

How I Met your Mother [8x05] The Autumn of Breakups 7.7
RJG Rating- 5

Ted starts to run into trouble with Victoria.

The show has completely lost its grace.Though it was obvious from Season 2 that Victoria wasnt Ted's mother and a breakup was inevitable ,Season 8 stretches the plot and uses the most tiresome 'breakup excuse' - choose Robin or Me.Even though Marshall's role was strange in this episode ,his acting made it tolerable.For a change ,Barney's story was interesting.

How I Met your Mother [8xo6] Splitsville 8.2
RJG Rating- 6

Robin tries to break up with Nick

Another totally unrelated episode to the 'mother'.The problem of this entire episode is the fact that we know whats going to happen (Robin & Barney relation) and the writers are stretching this fact too much.Add to the fact theres nothing new at all ,and this is a highly predictable episode.The only relief from this episode other than Barney's irritating behavior was the Marshall-Ted story.So far the show is giving less priority to comedy.

How I Met your Mother [8xo7] The Stamp Tramp 7.9
RJG Rating- 8

Barney finds it hard to choose a new stripclub.

Atlast a good episode from the show.The highlight being the Marshall story.Barney& Robin's story was also good.Plus it sets a great stage for the upcoming episode based on Marshall's big day.Guest star ,Joe Manganiello as Marshall's friend Brad did a good job.Once again nothing about the mother.

How I Met your Mother [8xo8] Twelve Horny Women 8.2
RJG Rating- 8.5

Marshall faces one of his biggest cases.

Surely one of the best episodes of this season so far.Marshall was definitely the highlight of the episode once again.Joe Manganiello as Marshall's friend Brad ,once again gives a good performance.The groups flashbacks were interesting too.The comedy was present but it wasnt as great as the initial seasons.Plus the last 3 min of Barney & Robin was very exhausting to watch.We know they get back together soon ,but yet instead of getting to the point ,the writers ONCE AGAIN decides to stretch the inevitable.Once again absolutely nothing about the mother.
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