Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dexter [2] ,HIMYM [2],2Men [2],Middle[1-2],POI [1]

Person Of Interest [2x01] The Contingency 8.7
RJG Rating- 9

Reese starts his search for the abducted Finch.

And the shows back with the same intensity of the first season.The season premiere was excellent ,and the story was excellent.Jonathan Nolan (younger bro of Christopher Nolan) extends his brilliance to the show.

Middle [4x01-02] Last Whiff of Summer 8.5
RJG Rating- 10

The Heck family describes their summer.
Wow! The Middle once again delivers a sweet & hilarious episode.The whole cast did an excellent job with this one.The kids have grown up and their characters are more developed.The comedy & the family drama is blended to perfection.

Two & a Half Men [10x02] A Big Bag of Dog - 8.2
RJG Rating- 3.5

Walden tries to suppress his feelings of getting rejected by Zoey.

Another dull episode by 2men.Totally boring and terrible.The highlight of the whole episode was probably the final joke with the dog ,but other than that this was just a complete waste of time.

Dexter [7x02] Sunshine and Frosty Swirl 8.5
RJG Rating- 7

Debra takes action against Dexter.
Ok,now we are back on track.After a lukewarm start to the season ,the show returns to life.But much of the story is still under wraps.Dexter has yet to face with the villain/villains of the season . Bbut the downsides of the episode was ...

...Debra restricting Dexter .Sure it isnt that bad ,but hes a serial killer ,we need more kills!As for the weird compu tech ,his character is still not clear.Just a freak or a truly dangerous killer.

How i met your Mother [8x02] The Pre-Nup 7.8
RJG Rating- 5

Barney considers a prenup.
Again an episode which has NOTHING to do with Ted's wife .The jokes were flat and the episode trudged along with no real comedy.Its time to end the show.
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