Monday, October 15, 2012

Taken 2 dominates once again despite competition

1-Taken 2 kept its reign at the box office with a second weekend haul of $22.5million.The Liam Neeson action flick ,despite being panned by many critics is having a great reaping at the box office.It has made $86million domestically and a solid $132million overseas in just 2 weeks.

2-Ben Affleck's Argo settled for second spot ,debuting with $20million.Affleck has made yet another critical gem with Argo.Its rated at 94% and has already made early Oscar buzz.

3-The horror flick ,Sinister ,debuted at #3 with $18.2million.The movie which stars Ethan Hawke has got above average reviews and is rated at 65%.The movie is expected to drop soon with Paranormal Activity 4 releasing next week.

4-Hotel Transylvania had another good week ,making $17.3million in its third week.The animated movie has already made $102million domestically.

5-Kevin James' Here Comes The Boom ,made a poor start ,making just $12million.While the movie might have got mixed reviews (other than the universally panned movies he stars in) ,the audience seem to have grown tired to whatever Kevin James stars in.The movie has a rating of 43% and is expected to flop.

Another new release of the week was 7 Psychopaths.It made just $4.2million and has flopped ,even though its been getting positive reviews.Its rated at 84%.

This week we have 2 new movies ,Alex Cross & Paranormal Activity 4.Even though the Paranormal Series hasnt managed to repeat the critical success of the first movie ,the sequels have made large bundles of cash for the producers.
So ill rather wait for the DVD than see PA4 at the movies.My pick this week will be last weeks release Argo.
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