Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PA 4 makes a poor debut for the Paranormal Series

1-As expected Paranormal Activity 4 topped the box office but it was considerably lower than what the producers hoped for.PA4 made $29million in its first week ,comparatively PA2 & PA3 made $40million and $52million on debut (PA1 was a limited release opening).Such a decline can be connected to PA4's poor critical response (27% ,lowest rating of the series) and lack of novelty in the story.But the movie is already a hit considering its budget is just $5million and Paramount studios are getting ready to make PA5 ,scheduled for 2013.

2-In second place ,Argo made $16million which is a strong hold over the box office considering the subject & timing of the movie.

3-Taken 2 made it to #3 with $13.2million.The action thriller has so far made $106million domestically in a worldwide collection of $281million.The sequel has already overtaken Taken in worldwide collections.

4-Hotel Transylvania made another strong weekend collection of $13million.The animated movie has already made $187million worldwide.

5-This weeks other new release ,Alex Cross ,flopped making just $11.4million.The movie was received with poor negative reviews ,13%.

This week we have 4 new releases competing for the top spot, as PA4 wont be holding on for too long.My pick of the week will definitely be:-
Cloud Atlas:"Directed by the Wachowski Bros" (creators of the Matrix), might not have its charm as it did before (after duds like Speed Racer ,and productions like Ninja Assassin) ,but early reviews are praising their latest movie ,Cloud Atlas.Starring Tom Hanks & a bunch of star studded cast ,the movie has been getting excellent reviews and is said to have redeemed the Wachowskis!Dont miss it!

My second pick will be Silent Hill 2:Revelation.Even though it might not get critical praise,the trailers look as if it will definitely keep the fans of the PC game (on which the movie is adapted) happy.

Fun Size is the 3rd new release.Starring current teen sensation ,Victoria Justice ,the movie is seems to be a kiddish version of Hangover .It might be a good movie for the kids and family crowd ,but ill wait for the DVD.

The 4th release is Chasing Mavericks.ive never heard of this movie before ,but it stars Gerard Butler and is about surfing.Give it a miss or wait for the reviews.
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