Monday, October 01, 2012

Hotel Transylvania books the top spot ,Looper takes 2nd spot

1-The animated flick ,Hotel Transylvania made a solid $43million ,which is the highest debut for a movie opening in September.The movie which is led by comedy star ,Adam Sandler ,got mixed reviews,saying the movie is enjoyable for the kids ,it wont please the older audiences.Its currently rated at 43%.

2-Looper opened with $21.2 million.While this is not a bad start , it isnt very great either.The science fiction movie has been garnering excellent reviews and is currently rated at 93%.The movie has been praised for its fresh concept and for its action sequences.This is also Joseph Gordon's 3rd critically praised movie of 2012 (The Dark Knight Rises,Premium Rush,Looper).With upcoming movies such as Lincoln & Django Unchained ,Joseph is on one heck of a ride.

3-End Of Watch made its way to #3 with $8million.The cop thriller has made $26million so far domestically.

4-Baseball drama ,Trouble With the Curve made $7.5million in its 2nd week.The Clint Eastwood starrer has got mixed reviews so far.

5-House at The End of Street dropped to 5th spot earning $7.1million.The horror movie had opened to negative reviews and has so far earned $22million.

Debuting at #6 was Pitch Perfect ,a movie about a college singing group ,starring Anna Kendrick.Although it opened in limited theaters it managed to make $5.2million ,a solid collection for such a limited opening.The movie has been getting good reviews and is rated at 73%.
But the same couldnt be said for 'Wont Back Down'.The movie made $2.7million in its first week,making it the second worst opening for a wide release movie (opening in more than 2500 screens).The movie has got negative reviews and is rated at 35%.

There are some major movies that will battle for the top spot this week.
Tim Burton's animated movie ,Frankenweenie is said to be a good movie ,with an initial score of 77%.
But my pick of the week ,and potential blockbuster is definitely Taken 2.Liam Neeson returns for the sequel.But just like its predecessor, Taken 2 has got some very negative reviews.Its currently at 8% !But i loved the first part and would certainly like to see if the sequel stands upto the high expectations.
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