Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fresh news from the Entertainment world.

1-With 2012 entering into its final quarter ,studios are preparing to release trailers of some of the most anticipated movies.And one such anticipated movie is Iron Man 3.The final movie of the Iron Man Series (i think) will also begin the Marvel Phase Two Movie series ,and will ultimately end with Avengers 2 in 2015.The first trailer/teaser for Iron Man 3 is coming out on October 23.Do check this page on the 23rd!

2-A preview of the Skyfall theme music sung by Adele is now online! Do check it out ,its damn good!

3-The second trailer for Lincoln was released just before the US Presidential Debates.The trailer is just awesome ! A must watch.It looks as if Lincoln has a strong chance of sweeping the Oscars.Lincoln releases on November 9 2012.

4-Trailer for the upcoming Seth Rogen comedy ,The Guilt Trip released its first full trailer.The film is about an inventor who goes on a long trip with his mother,played by Barbra Striesand.The film is directed by Anne Fletcher (director of Step Up,Proposal) and is set to release on December 25 2012.Does it look interesting?

5-Check out this trailer for the BluRay release of the ENTIRE James Bond Series.The package includes almost 2hrs of Bonus Material.This is to mark the 50 years of the James Bond series.Any die hard fans of James Bond out there?

6-Are you good at riddles or wish to check out out some?The Hobbit has revealed a part of its website that features a selection of riddles.Give it a visit,or send it some of your own riddles!

7-The trailer for the upcoming comedy Movie 43 has been unveiled.The movie is directed by more than 10 directors (Peter Farrelly,Brett Ratner,James Gunn and more) and stars a very large star studded cast ,that includes Halle Berry,Kristen Bell,Gerard Butler ,Huge Jackman ,Emma Stone and plenty more.
The movie is composed of 25 short comedy segments.The movie is set for release on January 25 2013.Anyone interested? (*Just for your info ,the trailer is Rated R)

8-Another anticipated movie is the Johnny Depp starrer ,The Lone Ranger.Directed by Gore Verbinski (PiratesOTC trilogy) ,the movie stars Armie Hammer as the Ranger and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto.The trailer looks good but i dont think the movie might be a success,especially since the crowd puller (Johnny Depp), is a supporting actor and looks set to steal the show from the lesser known Armie.

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