Wednesday, September 12, 2012

V/H/S (2012)

[another failed attempt at found footage]

VHS (2012)
IMDB- 6.2
Rottentomatoes- 52%
RJG Rating- 25

A group of vandals break into a house to steal a tape.While doing so they come across 5 different tapes each telling a horrifying tale.

Starring- Calvin Reeder,Lane Hughes
Director- Adam Wingard , Glenn McQuaid

VHS is yet another found footage /first person shot horror movie.

The actors are all new and they are all average.No one stands out due to there short roles and forgettable nature of the movie.

The 6 stories (including the story of vandals) are not upto the mark.The first (3 friends with a girl they pick up at a club) ,is ok and not too frightening.The second (a couple taking a trip) is just too vague and not even a proper horror story.The third (friends taking a picnic in a forest) never really gets to the horror part.The fourth (a couple webcam chatting) has a great concept and set up ,but disappoints with its vague ending.The fifth (friends going for a party) is the only good one of the lot.It has a terribly boring start but the story gets up and running soon.But it too isnt very scary.The sixth (main story of the vandals) is entirely predictable from the start.

The main problem with VHS is that these 6 stories have no connection with each other ,other than being a bunch of found footage.All the stories will leave you with a "what actually even happened" question lingering in your head.Also when a new story begins ,all the intensity raised by the previous story will disappear and again we have to sit through a boring 5-10min introduction of the new story.

Direction is extremely poor.As previously said ,none of the stories make any sense nor are connected.Added to this ,90% of this movie isnt steady.Every 5 sec ,the camera shakes and has various zoom ins that just just confuse the audience even more as to what is happening.

Overall,as a horror movie ,it fails.Although some had a good concept ,the director just fails to utilize any of them.Give it a miss.

Acting- 2/5
Story- 0.5/5
Direction- 0.5/5
Horror- 1.5/5
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