Thursday, September 13, 2012

Short news on 300 ,Wreck It Ralph ,Entourage , Independence Day and more

Short news from the entertainment world.Today some news on 300 ,Entourage ,Independence Day and more !!

1-The Master ,Paul Thomas Anderson's latest directorial venture has been getting excellent early reviews.Boasting of excellent performances and great direction ,The Master is set for some Oscar attention.

2-Ronald Emmerich's blockbuster hit Independence Day has finally got its sequel ,or to be
exact ,"sequels".Yep,Independence Day will be a trilogy soon.
The 2 new parts will be called -Independence Day Forever:Part 1 and Independence Day Forever:Part 2.Both new parts will be converted into 3D.Unfortunately,its being said that Will Smith wont reprise his role in the movie.I was not very impressed with ID ,and so im not very excited for the sequels either.

3-The gory ,superhit ,300 is getting a prequel,and its called - 300: Rise Of An Empire.The movie will star Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Sullivan Stapleton and Andrew Tiernan.
The story will be set before the events of 300 ,and is based on the Battle of Artemisium.In this naval battle ,various Greece tribes unite to stop the Persian invasion.Rodrigo will return to play Xerxes,while Sullivan will play the main lead as Themistocles.
Zack Snyder will be producing ,while Noam Murro directs.The story is written by Frank Miller (writer of acclaimed comics such as 300,The Dark Knight Returns,Sin City).
The movie is set for release on August 2 2013.

4-Doug Ellin ,creator of the hit TV show Entourage has said the script for the Entourage movie is almost finished.The TV series that followed the lives of Vinny(an upcoming actor) ,his friends and his agent (Ari Gold) ran for 8 seasons and ending on 2011.While the movie was inevitable ,not much news on its developments have reached the fans.
Doug has said the movie will feature all the lead characters and would be taking place 6 months after the events of the Season 8 finale.

5-Guillermo Del Toro's (Hellboy , Pan's Labyrinth) next project ,Pacific Rim will be undergoing 3D conversion.Unfortunately this is directly against what the visionary director wanted.Del Toro had said previously that Pacific Rim wasnt suited for 3D.But it seems that Warner Bros will be going against his wishes with the 3D conversion.

6-Another fascinating trailer for the upcoming animated movie Wreck it Ralph -
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