Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Short News from the Les Miserables ,Guardians and more

Short News from the Entertainment World.

1-A small news from the literary world.Stephen King will release the sequel to his famous novel,The Shining ,on September 24 2013.The sequel is titled Doctor Sleep.Heres a synopsis for the novel:

"The story follows Danny Torrance, who is now 44-years old and living in upstate New York. Danny is a hospice worker who uses his powers to help ill patients to
pass away without pain. Unfortunately, he runs afoul of a gang of wandering psychic vampires (called The Tribe) who feed on people's energy."

The Shining was written by King in 1977 and was later adapted by Stanley Kuberick for his movie -The Shining (1980),with Jack Nicholson playing the lead character ,Jack Torrance.

2-December 2012 will be a tight season for all the movies.The competition is starting to get so intense that movies are shifting dates.
The Great Gatsby(directed by Baz Luhrmann ,and starring Leonardo DiCaprio) was shifted from its Christmas date, all the way to Summer 2013.
Ang Lee's ,much awaited movie ,Life of Pi was pulled back from its December date, to a November 21 release date.
The latest date change is that of Tom Hooper's ,star studded ,Les Miserables.The movie which was previously set to open on December 14th will open on Christmas day (25th) with Quentin's Django Unchained.This makes Peter Jackson's The Hobbit ,the sole release on December 14th.

3-Guardians of The Galaxy ,which is part of the Marvel Phase 2 program (Phase 1 led to The Avengers) ,has announced the writer and director.James Gunn ,who previously directed Super,will be directing and re-writing GOTG.

4-France has selected The Intouchables to contend for Best Foreign Film,at the 2013 Academy Awards.France's The Artist was the big winner at the Oscars this year ,but can Intouchables repeat it?Intouchables is the highest grrossing movie for France.(Review-

5-Trailer for -Sinister ,starring Ethan Hawke.The suspense thriller ,has been getting great reviews ,with many saying its truly creepy.
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