Monday, September 24, 2012

4 New Releases Battle for top spot.TDKR #7 in the domestic & worldwide lists.

#1 & #2 -Jake Gyllenhaal starrer, End Of Watch ,tied with Jennifer Lawrence starrer ,House at the End of the Road ,with both earning $13million.
End of Watch is a cop-drama-thriller ,written & directed by Training Day writer ,David Ayer.Even though its a low budget movie ($7million) ,the opening collection is below average for a movie of its sort.EOW has been getting good reviews praising its lead actors ,Jake Gyllenhaal & Micheal Pena.The movie is currently rated at 85%.
House at the End of the Road ,like EOW is a low budget movie ($10million) but still its debut is below expectations.But the horror movie has been getting very poor reviews ,with many complaining its a very predictable movie with not much thrills nor horror.The movie is rated 13%.

Coming very close to the top spot was ,Trouble with the Curve ,making $12.7million.The baseball themed movie , marks the return of Clint Eastwood to an acting role (2009's Gran Torino was his previous starring role).The movie also has Amy Adams & Justin Timberlake.Just like the top 2 movies ,TWTC too has a below average debut.The movie has been getting average reviews ,with many saying Clint Eastwood & Amy Adams' performances are the highlights of this predictable story.The movie is currently rated at 52%.

-Finding Nemo 3D ,made to #4 with $9.4million.This makes Finding Nemo the lowest grossing movie in the recent set of 3D converted animated movies.

-Resident Evil Retribution crashed from its top spot last week ,earning just $6.7million this week.Such a steep fall can be credited to the movies poor reviews and general lack of interest from the audience for the Resident series.The movie has made $33million domestically ,but has already grossed thrice its domestic gross overseas ,$103million ,bringing its worldwide total to $136million.

The 4th new release of the week ,Dredd , bombed at the box office ,making just $6.3million,coming at #6.The $50million movie is set to be a big disappointment.The reviews for Dredd has been highly positive .Many praised its violence & special effects and has a rating of 77%.
The critically praised movie,The Master made $5million in its 2nd week.The movie is slowly expanding to more theaters each week.Praised for its acting,direction and story ,the movie has a rating of 86%.

On its 10th week ,TDKR made $1.2million.So far it has made $$443million domestically ,ranking it at #7 in the domestic charts ,overtaking Shrek 2.The next target,for TDKR in the domestic list is Star Wars ,$460million.But it seems TDKR wont be rising on the domestic charts any more.
With $623million collection overseas,TDKR has made $1.066billion worldwide.This puts it #7 in the all time lists ,overtaking PiratesOTC 2.The next target for TDKR is Lord Of The Rings3 ,$1.119billion.Again,this seems to be another long shot for TDKR.

This week, we have 4 more interesting movies.Looper,Hotel Transylvania,Perfect Pitch & Wont Back Down.
My recommendation for the week is Looper.The action thriller has been getting rave reviews.Its rated currently at 92%.The mind bending tale stars Joseph Gordon & Bruce Willis.
Hotel Transylvania is an animated movie ,starring Adam Sandler.the movie failed to impress critics and will be more of a kids attraction.
Perfect Pitch stars Anna Kendrick and is about a college singing competition.
Wont Back Down stars 2 top actresses ,Maggie Gyllenhaal & Viola Davis and is about two mothers raising the standards of education at their local school.
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