Monday, August 06, 2012

TDKR crushes new releases on Weekend #3

#1-Earning $36.4million in its 3rd weekend ,TDKR crushed the new competition to stay atop for the 3rd week in a row.Overseas TDKR has made $378million,thus putting its worldwide collection to $733million.
 TDKR is now the 3rd fastest movie to make $350million (domestically),17 days.The Dark Knight made it in 14 and Avengers in 10.

#2-Total Recall opened in the 2nd spot with $26million.The remake of the 1990 movie,failed to take down the dark knight.Unfortunately Total Recall has almost sealed its fate.With a budget of $125million ,and another anticipated movie (Bourne Legacy) opening next week, Total Recall is expected to bomb at the box office.Total Recall also failed critically and holds a rating of 31%.

#3-Diary Of a Wimpy Kid 3 too couldnt make much of a mark in its debut ,making just $17million.While the previous 2 DOWK opened with a collection of more than $21million ,DOWK3's opening is a sign that it will be the low grosser of the series.
But unlike Total Recall,DOWK3 has a budget of just $22million,that ensure the movie will easily make a profit.
DOWK3 has been getting mixed reviews and holds a 50% rating.

#4-Ice Age 4 made way for the new releases making $8.4million.It has so far made $131million and trails behind the other Ice Age movies which have made more than $175million.But Ice Age 4 is doing pretty well outside and has made $715million worldwide.

#5-Last weeks new release ,The Watch ,made just $6million and is on its way to become another big flop.

Ted stood strong within the Top 10 after 6 weeks at #6.It made $5.4million and as said before ,its a surprise hit of the summer like The Hangover.
Step Up 4 fell 3 places from last week to #7 making a paltry $5.3million in its 2nd week.It has been doing similar business as its predecessors but might end up as the lowest grossing movie in the series.

This week the highly anticipated Bourne Legacy and the Will Farell comedy The Campaign will release.Bourne Legacy is almost a guaranteed pick, to knock TDKR from the top spot
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