Friday, August 03, 2012

Prometheus sequel

It was inevitable for Prometheus to churn out a sequel.Leaving some very intriguing questions unanswered and being an Alien prequel,it left a big gap between its end and the actual start of Alien.

But after mixed responses (mostly positive,others were just frustrated with the lack of answers) ,and an average success at the box office a sequel was highly doubted.Prometheus just made $125million domestically from a $130million budget (worldwide-$302million).

But fortunately, Fox studio announced yesterday that Ridley Scott was given the permission to go ahead with the sequel.
Prometheus 2 is stated for a 2014/2015 release.Both Naomi Rapace & Micheal Fassbender will reprise their roles,but a major change will be the departure of Damon Lindelof (the writer).Due to various other commitments (ex:Star Trek 2) ,Damon wont be able to meet up with the 2014/2015 deadline set by Fox.

Anyone excited for the sequel?
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