Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cars 2 (2011)

[an unwanted sequel]

Cars 2 (2011)
RJG Rating-40

Mater ,a tow truck ,gets mistaken for a spy and gets caught up in a conspiracy against the latest alternative fuel,Allinol.

Starring- Owen Wilson ,Larry the Cable Guy,Michael Caine
Director- John Lasseter

Pixar for the past 15 years have set the standard for animation movies.Every movie of theirs are noted for its advanced animation technique as well as for its endearing characters and amazing stories.In 2006,Pixar released Cars.The audience were quick to notice that something was missing.But Pixar mended the situation by making more top class movies and the whole Cars situation was forgotten.But in 2011,Pixar released the sequel,Cars 2,its 12th movie and John Lasseter's 5th directorial venture.

The animation was excellent.Pixar once again delivered great animation but failed to bring out a sensible movie.Pixar's brilliance is noticeable in the various action scenes.

The story is different and actually is kind of good ,but where it does fail is in the various plot holes and cheesy scenes.The writers have tried to bring out a different twist to the Cars series ,and spoofs plenty of Bond and other spy movies ,while this is fun at times ,no likeable characters are present to shoulder the scenes.Cars 2 doesnt feature any memorable scenes.The character that i hated most from Cars,Mater the Tow-truck,is the lead hero of the story.Lightning McQueen is more of a supporting character.The spy ,Finn McMissile (Micheal Caine), was the only character that actually turned out to be good.Any scene with Mater was just horrible and cliched.

John Lasseter ruins his memorable Toy Story career by making such a movie .Cars 2 is just another normal animated movie.His attempt to take the Cars series in another direction is noteworthy but his failure to make a good movie is a sad fact.

The soundtrack was great but the comedy was stale most of the time.

On release ,Cars 2 broke Pixar's streak of gaining universal praise.It was Pixar's first rotten movie getting 38%.Many have said it was Pixar's attempt to make quick cash from the Cars merchandise ,which is a sad thing to hear about a studio well known to bringing the best animated movies of all time.
Cars2 also disappointed in the box office and became Pixar's lowest grossing movie since Bugs Life.the first Pixar movie to fail in America.
It also became the first Pixar movie to not get nominated at the Oscars.

Overall ,Cars 2 has a kiddish storyline with the same old cliched scenes.Its not worthy to be called a Pixar movie.

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