Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anger Management [1x05]

Anger Management [1x05] Charlie Tries to Prove Therapy is Legit
TV com Rating- -
RJG Rating- 5.5

Charlie finds a new girlfriend ,but her beliefs worry him a bit.

The episode was overall dull.The cameo from Denise Richards was the main highlight.The jokes were not too sharp and most of it centered on the real life of Charlie.

My general review of the show is done with this episode.After 5 lukewarm episode, Anger Management just isnt that funny.Charlie does his best ,but he looks too tired and exhausted and doesnt give the audience any energy or reason to watch the show.
As for the jokes ,AM tries pretty hard to churn up some good ones ,but the best are based on Charlie's real life.For ex:This episode the main reason Denise Richards was the shows highlight is because shes Charlie Sheen's ex in real life.The show just doesnt have its own comedy.Theres plenty of adult matter (bit more than 2 and a half men), but that too turns to be mostly stale.The cast other than Charlie are too weak to stand on their own.
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